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How to gain 1000+ stars🌟 on an open-source project quickly?

July 20, 2020

My open-source project Github profile README generator reached 1000+ ⭐️ in less than 45 days 🥳.

It was trending on Github under javascript category🚀 github-profile-readme-generator

I was scrolling the twitter feed and listening to Blinding Lights when I got the idea of this tool. Never thought that so many developers will find it useful.

The open-source community is amazing. The project on GitHub received two pull requests without even opening an issue.


How I achieved it?

Now the question is How I did it. The strategy I followed is a mix of a few steps which are as follows

1. Cool project README

Project README on Github puts the first impression of the project. To win the battle i.e to gain attention I designed a visually interesting README using gifs, badges, and emojis. It looks like this

github-profile-readme-generator README

2. Post about project on Dev.to using #showdev

I am quite active on dev.to and understands the power of it. So I wrote this article for the same.

Guess what, it got 1400+ views. Organic reach is pretty amazing on dev.to. Your blog post must display the capabilities and uniqueness about the project.

3. Promote the project on other platforms(LinkedIn/Reddit/Discord/Twitter)

I am quite active on LinkedIn too. So I took advantage of this and wrote a post regarding the tool. Organic reach of LinkedIn is amazing too and the post was reaching 1000+ people per hour for the first 12 hours. The post became a hit and reached 24000+ people on LinkedIn.

That’s it! Dev.to and LinkedIn proved out to be a super awesome platform to reach the targetted audience organically.

PS: If you haven’t checked out the tool yet, go check it out

🚀 Try the tool - live demo Project Link - https://github.com/rahuldkjain/github-profile-readme-generator

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