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Designer, Developer, Animator from Bangalore, India

About Me

Hey there!

I'm Rahul Jain, and as you might have already read, I'm a freelance web developer, designer, and animator. I create affordable SEO optimised web and mobile apps for local businesses.

Being an experienced frontend developer, I can create websites using popular frameworks like Vue and React in just a couple of days. I re-engineered the UX of buying Game Vouchers at www.blibli.com which is currently serving millions of indonesians out there.

Github Profile README Generator, my recent open source project reached 800+ stars in just 26 days. I am quite active on github and you can see the commits for reference on my github profile.

I have a bug of writing blogs and articles every single week. I regularly write on Dev and my blog. Go check it out too.

I created this website so I could showcase all this and through this process, make it easier for you to connect with me. If you like what you see, write me an email at rahuldkjain@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

Web Design & Development
Frontend Javascript Frameworks
Backend Javascript Frameworks
Cross Platform App Development
Python Scripting
(Python 3/BeautifulSoup)
Database Management System
UI/UX Design
(Adobe XD)
Machine Learning
Search Engine Optimization
(PageRank/Backlinks/Google Analytics)
Photo & Video Post-Processing
(Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe After Effects)
Github Profile README Generator
Github Profile README Generator

🚀 Generate github profile README easily with latest add-ons like visitors count, github stats, etc using minimal UI.


Minimal Portfolio
Minimal Portfolio

💪 A clean, minimal, responsive, and customizable portfolio template to showcase skills, experience, achievements, and favorites (movies & TVs).


Apna Anaaj: Crop Prediction
Apna Anaaj: Crop Prediction

Web app to solve crop value prediction problem in an efficient way to ensure the guaranteed benefits to the poor farmers.


Classification using Custom Activation Functions
Classification using Custom Activation Functions

Image classification of MNIST & CIFAR-10 dataset using custom activation functions.


Three.js Animations
Three.js Animations

Animations for school students explaining various science experiment using three.js library .


How to gain 200+ stars on github project in less than 36 hours
How to gain 200+ stars on github project in less than 36 hours
2020-07-20T13:55:58Z / 8 reactions

Github profile README generator tool reached 200+ ⭐️ in less than 36 hours 🥳. It is currently trendi...


Github profile README generator with addons like visitors-count, github-stats etc
Github profile README generator with addons like visitors-count, github-stats etc
2020-07-16T13:51:42Z / 209 reactions

Github recently released profile README feature, which became a hit among developers. As it provides...


windmill animation in 10KB
windmill animation in 10KB
2020-07-12T09:11:29Z / 3 reactions

The monsoon has started in India and I am from Rajasthan(India) which is the abundant source of renew...


animated banner for repository README
animated banner for repository README
2020-07-09T15:58:41Z / 6 reactions

In the last blog, I talked about free TextPlugin of gsap. There is another plugin as MorphSVG of gsap...


typing text animation in terminal using gsap
typing text animation in terminal using gsap
2020-07-08T14:57:22Z / 5 reactions

The cool thing about gsap is that you can create animations as small as ~20kb. Yes you read it right....


let's animate minion using gsap
let's animate minion using gsap
2020-07-07T15:23:33Z / 6 reactions

This is the fourth post of 10 Days of Animation and I am loving it. Today, I'll walk you through time...


Coviam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(May '19 - Nov '19)
Software Developer Intern
Bengaluru, India
Specialized in: Vue, Zeplin, SCSS, Spring Boot
Ank Aha Pvt. Ltd.
(Dec '18 - Jan '19)
Data Science Intern
New Delhi, India
Specialized in: NLP, Python, PostgreSQL
IIIT Jabalpur
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
(2016 - 2020)
Emmanuel Senior Secondary School, Tonk
High School, CBSE
(2013 - 2015)
Emmanuel Mission Senior Secondary School, Newai
Elementary & Primary School, RBSE
(2000 - 2013)
To those HRs out there who need a more organized and minimal version of my information, you can download the trusted PDF version here:
IBM AI/ML Hackathon - IIIT Jabalpur '19

3rd Place

Jaano India Hackathon '18

2nd Place

IBM Hackathon - IIIT Jabalpur '18

1st Place

Short Filmmaking Competition '18

1st Place

District Merit - CBSE Examinations '15

1st Place

District Merit - RBSE Examinations '13

2nd Place

SVG Essentials & Animation


React Native V2


Introduction to React


The Complete Javascript Course - Beginner to Professional


Development of Github Profile README Generator

A project created at the nick of time to enable developers to write awesome profile README on GitHub. It aims to provide uniformity in icons, and addons with a minimal UI.